Werrington Parish Church

Our Parish supports a number of organisations through prayer, by practical help and by financial giving. Each year the Home & Overseas Mission Committee receives from the PCC 10% of the total amount of church giving to enable us to financially support mission organisations.

Effects of the Pandemic

All of our mission partners are feeling the effects of the pandemic, especially the overseas missions. Tom and Ali, the directors of the Dalitso Trust, have been unable to visit Malawi for over a year. This has put additional stress on the local team especially Chippo, the leader, as the new headquarters in Malingunde are nearing completion.


ACA has been unable to send any relief lorries to the village of Vulcan. Since Brexit, ACA is required to have a specific licence to send humanitarian aid. They have applied for this and are still awaiting confirmation of the licence before they are able to book a lorry.

This year, Operation Mobilisation is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Ship Ministry! The first vessel, Logos, was purchased on 15 October 1970; the realisation of a vision that had been several years in prayer and planning. Today’s ship, the Logos Hope, is due to dock in the UK when lockdown restrictions are eased.

  • Hope into Action
  • The Light Project
  • Bibles to pupils at William Law CE Primary School

  • Aurora Christian Association working in Romania
  • Church Mission Society in Peru (Revd. Pat Blanchard)
  • Dalitso Trust in Malawi
    (Tom and Ali Husbands - former church members)
  • Friends for Neighbours in
    India (John and Lily Abu-Bakker)
  • Great Lakes Outreach in Burundi (Simon
  • Operation Mobilisation (Phil Slade)

  • Barnabas Trust
  • The Bible Society
  • CAP (Christians Against Poverty)
  • FEBA (Far Eastern Broadcasting Associates)
  • Scripture Union
  • Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child shoebox appeal

Meet the Team


Edward Husbands