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December Connect

Come along to our Connect Reflection service. The team are excited to bring to you our favourite bible verses and short clips from our team about what is on our hearts. It is important to reflect on the year gone by but also look to the year ahead. Looking forward to seeing you all … virtually! 

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Join us for Messy Church Christingle on Sunday 12th December, 4pm at Werrington Parish Village Centre. We look forward to welcoming you!

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You may have seen posters up around Werrington; when it comes to prayer, do you know where to start? It’s easier than you think.


TryPraying is a seven-day guide (either a booklet or an app) to help get you started. Why not give it a try - “God, I’m not sure you are there, but if you are I want to get to know you…”


To request a trypraying booklet, please click here and fill in a few details so we can post a copy to you; alternatively download the APP for the full version of the 7 day journey Try It | trypraying


There are also some great resources on the Trypraying facebook page…… https://fb.watch/4kgZrVEqBD/ 

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