Leadership Team

Acting Vicar
Rev. Sue Fear

Jesus invites us to Follow Him! When we respond to Jesus in love and faith, we take a step on an amazing journey and our lives are changed forever. In September 2012, I started full-time ministry serving as Assistant Curate in St. John the Baptist with Emmanuel, I was licensed as Associate Vicar on 27 September 2015 and have been serving as Acting Vicar since February 2021. I am privileged to witness the power of Jesus’ transforming love in the lives of those I meet through prayer and praise, conversation, laughter and tears. Prior to taking early retirement from the NHS, I was CAMHS Neurodevelopment Pathway Leader and led a multidisciplinary clinical team, which offered assessments and interventions for children with learning disabilities and additional behavioural, mental health or neurodevelopment needs. I am married to Kevin, we have three grown up children and I’m Nanny to Isaac and Ben. Wherever you are on your journey with Jesus, I hope you’ll be encouraged to seek Him and discover God’s love for you.

Assistant Priest and Minister in Secular Employment
Rev. Kevin Fear

When I felt God calling me to ordained ministry it felt like an affirmation to carry on doing what God had started within me, which was to be an active Christian in the workplace. As a Chartered Civil Engineer and a health and safety professional working in the construction industry I was ordained a Minister in Secular Employment; the call of Moses (Exodus 3) is so important to me. The Lord said “I have indeed seen the misery of my people in Egypt. I have heard them cry out because of their slave drivers.” The workplace should offer rewarding careers but it still damages far too many of its workers; we still see too many deaths, injury and poor physical and mental health as a consequence. God gave work to humankind to be fulfilling, stimulating and rewarding and part of my ministry is to encourage people to think about what God is calling them to in their workplaces and, as disciples of Jesus, to explore how they might work in partnership with the Spirit to challenge unfair practice and usher in glimpses of the Kingdom of God into the everyday. I have now retired from the construction industry and I am working with the diocese to deliver Mental Health First Aid training. It remains a huge privilege to be asked to lead worship and to preach within the pattern of services offered by Werrington Parish Church. I am married to Sue and have three children and two grandchildren, all of whom are a huge blessing to me.

Honorary Associate Minister
Rev. Charles May

I was Ordained in London in 1958 and then served two Curacies, one in Bethnal Green (East London) and the other in Woking, Surrey. I went on to serve as an Area Secretary, covering 150 Churches in the West Midlands and South Wales for the Church Pastoral Aid Society. Back to the East End of London for 13 Years at St. Luke’s, Hackney, before I was appointed as Home Secretary of the South American Mission Society, which included travel from top to bottom of Latin-America. I then concluded my ministry for 10 Years at Christ Church, Fulham, London, overseeing the complete reordering of the large Edwardian Church. I moved from Fulham to Werrington in 1994 to enjoy a supposed retirement, which turned out to be nothing but continued ministry. With Joyce I conducted 66 Holidays for Christians which included four in the Holy Land, six covering the Churches of the Book of Revelation, the Churches founded by St. Paul, and many others. Between those holidays I served in Werrington and in a variety of other places through the UK. I am passionate about Prayer, Biblical Exposition, and Revival. I write Booklets and am on the 4th and last volume of my Memoirs. Joyce, my wife, to whom I owe a great debt of thanks, has served with me throughout my ministry. We have two married daughters, eight Grandchildren and three Great Grandchildren. WE are blessed indeed!

Honorary Associate Minister
Rev. Jan Leader

I was born in Peterborough and grew up here until I went to college in Cambridge to study hotel Management. I then went on to manage a hotel in Richmond in Surrey. Then about 10 years later returned to Peterborough and opened a craft shop in Werrington. I became a Christian in 1978 through the ministry of this church and later led the CYFA group and became Youth Work Co-ordinator also helping with house group leaders training. I changed my secular work and went to work for Sense, the deaf/blind association where I was a senior manager for 17 years, managing all the Craft workshops. I stayed there until I was ordained in 1997. My curacy was served in Desborough and I then went on to be the vicar of St Barnabas in Wellingborough for 11 years until I retired in 2012 when I moved back here to join the team in Werrington Parish. My hobbies are anything craft orientated and I love cooking. I like antiques and enjoy spending time with my Jack Russell Tilly. My passion is preaching the word of God and I am so blessed to be able do that here with you all.

Youth Minister
Newton Kibiringi

I was born and brought up in Kenya where I accepted Jesus Christ’s invitation to his gracious offer of salvation in my early teenage years. I have experienced the joy of salvation in my daily life and I continue to in faith march on within the promise of the glorious eternal hope. I delight in living Jesus’ command to love the Lord with all of my being and to the love of my neighbour. My calling to the children and the young people as well as their families is the one I have continued to passionately pursue for the last four years both in Kenya and in the UK. I remain grateful to God for the opportunity to be the Youth Minister in Werrington Parish Church and for the three years of youth work I just finished in Bury, Lancashire. I believe the Lord has an unbiased place for everyone and my hope remains anchored on him alone as I serve him mainly in the appreciation of the young people and the little as welcome partakers in his Kingdom. Come one, come all and let us delight in Jesus Christ our true hope.

Sarah Painter

Parish Administrator
Sarah Painter

I joined the Parish Office in March 2007. No two days have been the same since! It’s amazing what a variety of tasks can be fitted into 30 hours each week. It’s a very busy office to work in and there is no telling what you might be asked to do. It’s a great atmosphere to work in with lots of visitors through the door & people ringing. From preparing the weekly notice sheet; counting crockery being lent out for various events & listing every song that has been sung, printed or displayed in church for copyright purposes, to all manner of other things which need doing, the day is never dull. I also look after the church finances in support of the Treasurer: paying invoices & expenses, recording income, inputting accounts, and tracking Gift Aid.