This is the website of a Christian church and any content which is put onto it must bear that in mind.

Permission to use this site is granted on the express condition that the Rules and Usage policy is adhered to. If you are not prepared to do this, you must leave this site and not return.

The rules here are quite simple, and are designed to make your visit a pleasant and informative experience. However, please note that the Moderators will edit or remove any post they consider to be unacceptable or in breach of these rules. Persistent breaking of forum rules may result in your account being terminated.

Please do not advertise on any forums we may create without the specific permission of the owners.

Offensive material

Please do not post offensive material or links to offensive material.   If you are in any doubt about the suitability, please contact the Parish Office first.

No links to copyright material (Especially programs, cracks and serials) unless it is Freeware/shareware or the official sites – No hacked/unofficial material to be put on this site or directly linked to.

Capital Letters

Please do not write your content in capital letters. For example,  THIS IS CONSIDERED TO BE THE EQUIVALENT OF SHOUTING AT SOMEONE and not good ‘netiquette’ (etiquette on the internet  and/or email). Emboldening the type as well only compounds the issue.

English language only

All posts must be in the English language only. As owners of this site and any forums on it Werrington Parish Church has a potential legal liability for the content of posts, and it is not prepared to accept any post in languages it may not fully understand.

No Flaming

Do not insult or make personal attacks on other members. Treat everyone with respect and courtesy any breach of this rule is likely to be met with instant closure of your account. We expect ALL our members to remember other people’s opinions and points of view should be respected. The fact that someone does not agree with a specific opinion, does not mean that it is wrong.

No Swearing

Please do not swear on this site, there is no age limitation for our membership and your children or even your parents might be reading this.

Confidential Information

Any confidential information you may have access to on this site is to remain just that. Confidential information. If you print any of this information, for example, the address book, please ensure it is securely destroyed once it has served its purpose. It should certainly not be left intact in wheelie bins or similar. The preferred method is to have it shredded. The parish office will be able to do this for you or, alternatively, contact Tony Styles who can make suitable arrangements.

In addition, the greatest care should be taken to protect individuals’ privacy when storing such information on any electronic devices (computers, mobile phones etc).

Images and Content

If you want to post images for others to view please post at no more than 640 x 480 and no larger than 175K and preferably smaller. You can link to larger full resolution images on your own webspace if you wish.

It is a condition of posting images on these forums that anyone posting images ensures they have the legal right to do so, in particular this includes obtaining model releases etc should they be required if any person included in those images is personally identifiable.

Any forums on this site are there to help people. Breaking the rules may lead to your posts being edited or removed and your account being suspended or even permanently banned.

If information comes from any other source always credit the originator and site, also provide a link to the original source (i.e. ). Content which breaches copyright law must not be put on this site.

Please also note that the PCC reserves the right to add to or amend these rules as circumstances dictate.

Administrator/Moderators decisions are final if you disagree with any decision please contact the Parish Office and not post your grievance on the forums.

Any opinions expressed on this forum are those of the individual poster and do not necessarily represent those of Werrington Parish Church.

All questions/queries relating to this policy should be submitted direct to the Parish Office