Vacancy –  Village Centre Booking Secretary

Do you have a few hours that you could give to looking after bookings for the Village Centre?  If you feel called to help in this way (it’s only about 12-15 hours each month) then please have a look at the details below and contact Mark Tabor (Centre Manager) at 

Purpose of Role:

  • To ensure smooth running of the booking system for the Centre enabling both regular users and occasional bookers to have the time and space they need and want (as far as possible).
  • To help the Centre Manager with access and any other things that need doing.
  • To foster and build good relationships and co-operation between community and Church, users and ‘staff’ (Centre Manager and Booking Secretary).
  • To keep communications open, clear and helpful.


  • Maintain a diary and spreadsheet showing bookings each month.
  • Make sure Centre Manager has a copy of the anticipated bookings for the month, before each month starts.
  • Keep, post on notice board and in Spotlight a Regular Booking sheet so that there is some way of seeing, at a glance, what goes on regularly in the Centre.
  • Update actual bookings at the end of the month for invoice preparation.

Regular Users:

  • Send a Regular Booking form for completion towards the end of the year (late October/early November) and fill in the annual diary/spreadsheet as these come back.
  • Maintain a forward planner in the diary to mark dates for those who like to work a year ahead send newsletters three or four times a year so everyone has some idea of what is going on.

Occasional Bookings

  • Answer phone and email enquiries, issue terms and conditions and booking forms as appropriate (copy the Centre Manager into correspondence so he/she knows what is in the pipeline).
  • Liaise with the Church Treasurer about bookings being made so he/she can look out for deposits and balance payments.
  • Be ready to help show people round the Centre and let them in on their booking day if Centre Manager can’t do that.
  • Pray for the work and life of the Centre.