Effects of the Pandemic

All of our mission partners are feeling the effects of the pandemic, especially the overseas missions. Tom and Ali, the directors of the Dalitso Trust, have been unable to visit Malawi for over a year. This has put additional stress on the local team especially Chippo, the leader, as the new headquarters in Malingunde are nearing completion.

Simon Guillebaud of GLO has been unable to return to Burundi. His team there have had to work in his absence, something they have done magnificently.

Pat Blanchard, our CMS mission partner, has just returned to Peru, having been stranded in the UK since October last year. This has put an extra workload on Raul and Javier who have worked at Shalom during her absence. Hopefully things in Lima will start returning to normal now that she is back.

ACA working in Romania have big decisions to reach. They are not sure whether to send any more aid lorries, as they are now subject to very strict customs checks. Also the sending of money by bank transfer may cease as this is now being taxed at 40%. How they are going to get aid to the village of Vulcan is not an easy problem to solve.