We offer a breadth of worship styles to engage with the different needs of our church family and wider community.


Sunday 10:00am at Emmanuel 
  – seeker and family friendly, providing a range of junior church groups with a more modern worship style.
Sunday 10:30am at St John’s
  – more traditional and generally supported by an older age group with limited junior church groups.
Sunday 6:30pm at St John’s
  – goes deeper into scripture with a more traditional style of worship.
Sunday Choice
  – Emmanuel: a family focused with a range of worship and study zones
  – St John’s; praise, fellowship or guest speaker
Taizé services
  – during autumn and winter offer a meditative style of worship,  (candles, visuals, songs and quiet time).

Sundays – St John’s

  8:00am – Holy Communion (Said Service)

10:30am – 1st Sunday; Holy Communion
                    2nd, 4th & 5th; Morning Service
                    3rd Sunday; Sunday Choice

4:00pm   – 2nd Sunday; Messy Church
                           (at the Village Centre)

6:30pm   – 1st, 2nd & 5th; Evening Service
                    3rd Sunday, Holy Communion
                    4th Sunday, Reflective
                           (eg healing, Taizé) 

Sundays – Emmanuel

10:00am – 1st & 4th; Morning Service
                    2nd Sunday; Holy Communion
                    3rd Sunday; Sunday Choice

7:30pm   – 1st Sunday, CONNECT Service
                           (read more)

Weekdays – St John’s

Tuesday       9:00am   Morning Service
                                         (Said Service)

Thursday   10:00am   Holy Communion
                                         (Said Service)

Seasonal Services

  – Christmas
  – Lent and Easter
  – Harvest
  – All Saints
  – Remembrance