We offer a breadth of worship styles to engage with the different needs of our church family and wider community.


June 10th at WPVC

June 10th at WPVC We plan to meet together in Werrington Parish Village Centre where Carrie Trounce is speaking about her Camino Santiago de Compostela walk in 2019. This will be our first face to face meeting since September last year and we will be following Government guidelines regarding social distancing.

Sunday 10:00am at Emmanuel 
  – seeker and family friendly, providing a range of junior church groups with a more modern worship style.
Sunday 10:30am at St John’s
  – more traditional and generally supported by an older age group with limited junior church groups.
Sunday 6:30pm at St John’s
  – goes deeper into scripture with a more traditional style of worship.
Sunday Choice
  – Emmanuel: a family focused with a range of worship and study zones
  – St John’s; praise, fellowship or guest speaker
Taizé services
  – during autumn and winter offer a meditative style of worship,  (candles, visuals, songs and quiet time).

Sundays – St John’s

8:00am   – Holy Communion (Said Service)

10:30am – 1st Sunday; Holy Communion
                    2nd, 4th & 5th; Morning Service
                    3rd Sunday; Sunday Choice

4:00pm   – 2nd Sunday; Messy Church
                           (at the Village Centre)

6:30pm   – 1st, 2nd & 5th; Evening Service
                    3rd Sunday, Holy Communion
                    4th Sunday, Reflective
                           (eg healing, Taizé) 

Sundays – Emmanuel

10:00am – 1st & 4th; Morning Service
                    2nd Sunday; Holy Communion
                    3rd Sunday; Sunday Choice

7:30pm   – 1st Sunday, CONNECT Service
                           (read more)

Weekdays – St John’s

Tuesday       9:00am   Morning Service
                                         (Said Service)

Thursday   10:00am   Holy Communion
                                         (Said Service)

Seasonal Services

  – Christmas
  – Lent and Easter
  – Harvest
  – All Saints
  – Remembrance