Werrington Parish Church

Services Rota Guidelines

Welcome to the new Services Rota

This new rota has a slightly different approach to previous rotas and, by that, I mean that dates will not be deleted when they have passed at some point in the future but, for now, they will remain. However, this does not mean you will have to scroll down through loads of pages to find the information you want as the program has a very efficient search facility

Search by date

For most date searches, typing in the day and the month, for example, 23/10 will suffice. You can type in the whole date if you wish but the program will have found what you’re looking for as soon as you have typed in “23/10” 

You may wish to search for a whole month in which case search for ‘/10′ or ’10/2022’, say, for October 2022 or, similarly, if you want to search for a whole year in which case type ‘/2022’ 

Other searches

Basically, all other columns are searchable without specifying which column you want to search. For example, typing in ‘Connect’ will display all Connect Services. To check when you are ‘on duty’ simply start typing in your name but, be careful, if your name matches a book of the bible you will also pick up any readings from those books. For example, ‘Mark’ would also pick up readings from Mark’s gospel if any were present.

I hope that gives you some insight on how to search the rota. I could probably come up with tens if not hundreds of further examples but I’ll just leave it to your imagination.

Editing the rota

Only columns Leader to Unavailable are editable. So if a date is to be added or deleted, one of the site administrators will have to do it. Please notify any changes to home@tonystyles.co.uk and copy in the Parish Office as well.

When editing, please use the following conventions.

  • All names should be Christian name followed by the
    first letter of the surname followed by a semi-colon. If however, this
    leads to any ambiguity, for example, Matt Cussell / Matt Curme), please
    use full names. Clergy will be Rev. Sue, Rev. Kevin etc.
  • Readings – where there’s more than one separate them
    with semi-colons. Also, please use the full reference, for example,
    Matthew 28:16-20 and not Matthew 28:16-end or Matt. 16:20-end

Location Codes

SJ – St. John’s Church
Em – Emmanuel Church
WM – War Memorial
LH – The Lighthouse
WPVC – Werrington Parish Village Centre
SL – Sweetbriar Lane Sheltered Housing Complex