Services Rota Guidelines

This, hopefully, will now be the final version of the rota.It now comes in a number of sections (views). The full rota, an Audio/Visual rota for those on sound / multimedia etc and a rota showing who is not available for a particular service. If a particular service is not shown it will be because no one has registered as Unavailable. Finally, there is a specific area for editing.

The rota will display all dates going forward from the current day. Another feature, whilst not directly related, is that the data in the rota is now used to set up the Upcoming Services item on the site’s Home Page. So, as the rota updates, it will feed directly into the Upcoming Services page. This will save a duplication of effort.

Because the rota caters for so many roles it is not feasible to squeeze the whole thing on to one page (screen) so, when you first load the rota you will see the ‘Header Record’. In order to view the rest of the items, click on the ‘+’ sign to the left of the record and the remaining items will be displayed. Also, if you’re viewing on a tablet or mobile phone, you will probably need to rotate it 90° into landscape mode.

Search by date

For most date searches, typing in the day and the month, for example, 13/10 will suffice. You can type in the whole date if you wish but the program will have found what you’re looking for as soon as you have typed in “13/10” .

You may wish to search for a whole month in which case search for ‘/10′ or ’10/2024’, say, for October 2024 or, similarly, if you want to search for a whole year in which case type ‘/2022’ .

Other searches

Basically, all other columns are searchable without specifying which column you want to search. For example, typing in ‘Connect’ will display all Connect Services. To check when you are ‘on duty’ simply start typing in your name but, be careful, if your name matches a book of the bible you will also pick up any readings from those books. For example, ‘Mark’ would also pick up readings from Mark’s gospel if any were present.

I hope that gives you some insight on how to search the rota. I could probably come up with tens if not hundreds of further examples but I’ll just leave it to your imagination.

When editing, please use the following conventions. This is important as it will affect the results of searches.

  • All names should be Christian name followed by the first letter of the surname followed by a semi-colon. If however, this leads to any ambiguity, for example, Matt Cussell / Matt Curme), please use full names. Clergy will be Rev. Sue, Rev. Kevin etc.
  • Readings – where there’s more than one separate them with semi-colons. Also, please use the full reference, for example, Matthew 28:16-20 and not Matthew 28:16-end or Matt. 28:16 – end.

To edit a record – select the one you want (searches can be performed just like they were in the viewing areas), click on the ‘+’ sign to the left and all the fields will appear. To move between ‘cells’ you can either use your mouse or pressing the Tab key will take you to the next cell. Once you have made your changes don’t forget to click on the Save button at the foot of the page. Alterations don’t save automatically. You can then use the Next and Previous buttons if you so wish.

To delete a record – Click on the bin icon.

To add a record – Click on the add item icon. Complete as necessary. You don’t have to worry about inserting you new item into the correct position for date and time, the program will do if for you automatically.


SJ or SJ(LS) – St. John’s Church or Live Streamed at St. John’s
Em or EM(LS) – Emmanuel Church or Live Streamed at Emmanuel
WM – War Memorial
LH – The Lighthouse
WPVC – Werrington Parish Village Centre
SL – Sweetbriar Lane Sheltered Housing Complex