Parish Office

Our Parish Office is located at Emmanuel Church, Twelvetree Avenue and is open Monday to Friday 09:30 – 15:00. Anne Wells and Sarah Painter are the office administrators and will be only too happy to assist in whatever way they can.
anne-wells-200Anne Wells – I originally worked in the Parish Office from May 2000 until Oct 2006 as the assistant. I enjoyed my time working with Val so much that I returned to the Office in 2012 for a couple of hours each week and now find myself working alongside Sarah after Val’s well-earned retirement.

The work is always varied and one of the things I enjoy most is the contact with church members. Hopefully everyone feels they’ve had a cheerful greeting and helpful conversation when they call in or ring us.

sarahpainter200Sarah Painter – I joined the Parish Office in March 2007. No two days have been the same since! It’s amazing what a variety of tasks can be fitted into 19 hours each week. It’s a very busy office to work in and there is no telling what you might be asked to do. It’s a great atmosphere to work in with lots of visitors through the door & people ringing.

From preparing the weekly notice sheet; counting crockery being lent out for various events & listing every song that has been sung, printed or displayed in church for copyright purposes, to all manner of other things which need doing, the day is never dull. I also do much of the updating on the church web site (but not all) and do the inputting of the church finances.

Jean Parker is the Financial Assistant, working in the office an hour or so most Mondays and I, together with Anne, are part of the team that our Treasurer relies upon to keep the financial records updated and recorded correctly.

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